How do you take your tea?

How do you take your tea?

I’m Claire Campbell (was Claire Todd until I ran away and married the tradie of my dreams) and I’ve been singing about Tassie to anyone who will listen for a while now. Believe the hype and filter-free photos: this island is the cat’s pyjamas.

Maybe it’s the abandoned white beaches, mountain bike trails or mysterious wilds. Or perhaps it’s the brewers, strange museums and cobbled markets. There are penguins and devils, poets and salty dogs, bygone prisons and daring edifices - plus the promise of all of the above in just one visit (if you’re very organised and have hired a hatchback, that is). So, yeah, Tasmania is a sweetie (apple, obvs) pie.

I live in Launceston, the sensible yet savvy northern sibling of Hobart. We have leafy streets, one heck of a farmers’ market, peacocks and wonderful walking trails that often lead to an excellent cup of coffee.

I am a neat freak with an adopted feline called Bean and easily succumb to beauty spam. I also eat butter as if it’s cheese and adore white wine, pavlova, reading Alison Lester books to my daughter Stevie, and cooking for friends but never more than four at a time.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy my Words: a no-frills read of interesting individuals and good food from across the isle.

I’d love to hear about your brother’s colleague’s mate’s girlfriend’s new cafe or gin label, or other such ventures and tales, so by all means, get in touch.

Have a great day, take care and don’t forget your KeepCup.

CC x